About our monthly
partnership program.

Utilising an agency model has numerous advantages. At Hotel Lobi we have a vast array of talented, high pedigree hospitality staff, from creatives to tech, data guru’s and everything inbetween, considerably reducing your HR and in-house teams costs and pain points. We are able to deliver lazer-focused performance for a fraction of a cost, in half the time.

One cost-effective
vendor for all your
essential services

Our monthly partner program delivers high performance digital support to your hotel.


Join our 300+ modern hotelier
network for benefits such as:

  • Reduce your in-house staff overheads
  • Consolidate your vendors
  • No fixed contract - cancel anytime
  • Daily account manager & monthly reporting

A more cost-effective and flexible approach to your essential digital services that has proven, data-backed reporting each month to show you your exact cost of guest acquisition and return on investment.

& Reporting

Your dedicated agency partner project manager will report detailed and data driven performance reviews every month, and you’re free to schedule calls and meets with us anytime.

  • Monitor Monthly Search Terms
  • Negative Keywords – Removing keywords from campaigns
  • Activate / Deactivate the campaigns/ad-groups
  • Allocation of Budget
  • Monitor budget usage
  • Monitor A/B testing
  • Monitor Impressions, Click through Rate (CTR), Conversions
  • Monitor & Improve CPA ( Cost Per Acquisition )
  • Internal campaign meetings
  • Report on monthly activity and results
  • Forecast current and increased spend levels
  • Discuss completed improvements
  • Tweak campaigns set-up
  • Deliver monthly reports

Quantify your performance with visual key metrics

We give your hotel marketing staff the data insights they need to accurately plan, adjust and execute their sales strategy effectively. Our custom Hotel Lobi dashboard presents data in a clear and easily digestible format, giving you the insight to see where your budget is being used effectively – and where it’s not.

  • Cost Per Booking
  • Real-Time Data
  • Visualise Key Metrics
  • Optimise Sales Budgets
  • Reduce Reliance on OTAs
  • Streamline Sales Expenses

Who We’re Working With

Your site will likely be noticeably faster due to upgraded PHP, our FlyCache technology, and our totally rebuilt infrastructure tha.

Our Essential Services

Our essential services are the core of our partner program. They make up the criteria and specifications we follow to deliver results for our clients. They can be commissioned individually, or combinations as required – our colour palette reflecting each service. We’ve livened each service up with custom art-work, to reflect the nature of the talented staff working across the range of services.

  • Hotel Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Performance Strategy (PPC)
  • Content Writing & Translations
  • Hosting & Server Management
  • Maintenance & Support


Super-power your direct revenue today!

We're here to help our hotel partners take back control of their sales channels - we’re
happy to discuss your requirements and explore how we can increase your revenue.