Data Tracking & Insights


Critical sales and
marketing insights

Data tracking and insights are critical in today’s hospitality digital marketing environment, to give hotels clear and specific reports on which marketing channels are giving you return on investment, and which are not. We can help your hotel fine tune your marketing effort to optimize sales and budget performance based on the data we receive from your website, and keeping you current on industry standards.

‘Hotel Lobi provide detailed & clear data reports to help your marketing team optimize budgets & sales effort - to give you clear ROI’

Sales channel
Know your cost of sales
advertising budget
What works, what doesn’t?
Stay ahead of
Understanding market trends
Drive direct
Reduce reliance on OTA’s
See why over 52+ Hotels use Hotel Lobi
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Hotel Lobi Dashboard

Visual Reporting

We give your hotel marketing staff the data insights they need to accurately plan, adjust and execute their sales strategy effectively. Our custom Hotel Lobi dashboard presents the data you need in a clear and easily digestible format that gives you the insights to show where your budget is effective, and where it’s not.
  • Cost Per Booking / Per Sales Channel
  • Real-time Data
  • Visualise Key Metrics Easily
  • Optimise Sales Budgets
  • Maximise Direct Bookings
    Reducing OTA Reliance